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About Us

Our Mission:

Liberty at Large was created by Libertarians who think alike and put logical consistency before emotions. The Liberty movement is gaining ground since Ron Paul began his career in the United States Senate and many have sought to fight for personal freedom and individual choice. Our site seeks to put individuals over public policy and freedom over government restrictions while providing liberty first discussions surrounding American politics. Our slogan, Free Speech, Free Minds, is a call to the current political climate. We believe the Constitution of the United States of America is the greatest document ever to be created.

What are Libertarian beliefs?

Individualism and Externalities:

Libertarians believe people know what’s best for those individuals and don’t agree with government intervention; in markets or personal lives. We believe in limited government except in cases of externalities, such as another person harming another person as a direct result of their actions. Such cases would be a business poisoning drinking water, a person demanding welfare from another person, and an individual using government force to push their agenda.

Libertarians also believe in the doctrine that your body is yours to control only when externalities are involved- such as in cases of abortion where another being is harmed. We also believe in the ability to use your body as you see fit, which is why the Libertarian Party is in favor os legalizing certain drugs for recreational use – such as Marijuana, cocaine, and mushrooms – and prostitution in cases of two consenting adults.

Libertarians are also in favor of the government getting out of marriage. We support same-sex marriage as well as an individuals right to do as they please with their body, except in cases of externalities – such as tax-funded transgender surgical procedures and enforcement of pronouns – or tax-funded abortions.

Free Markets:

Capitalism is a Libertarian staple: businesses can do as they please as long as no externalities on individuals are taking place. Free markets are the best for human ingenuity, technology advancement, healthcare, and innovation. Free markets also allow laborers (a worker) to use his/her skills as they see fit. It allows a person who feels they are unfairly compensated they can go to a different company for different benefits or compensation rather than a government-controlled market which artificially sets the market value for labor and goods.


Libertarians believe taxes are a form of theft. It’s the government forcing you to pay to something you may not support while holding a gun to your head through the IRS and prison time. Certain taxes are a form of theft, such as property taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes on private sales between two consenting adults.


Liberty at Large’s Founding Member:

Daniel Davis:

Daniel is a Libertarian who fights for free markets, strong national borders, a free-market economy, and equal rights for all citizens free from government tyranny. He’s pursuing a bachelors in Business Marketing with intent to go to Law School for corporate law.

In 2016, Daniel became a Libertarian after being a Progressive for many years due to the vitriol of Progressives when he questioned identity politics as it related to ideas. He began researching people like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Christina Hoff-Sommers, Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. He’s currently working on a book titled Liberty at Large in which he describes how the liberty movement can become better at teaching and reaching people of opposing viewpoints.


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