Donald Trump has made it clear what his strategy is for 2020: make the democrats look incompetent – and they’re playing into it.

A new NBC poll shows the Presidents margin for error is slim. Just 42% of Americans would vote for him in the general election. His approval rating has varied throughout his presidency, but he is trialing Democratic front runner and former Vice President, Joe Biden, by 9 %.

Others on the list who lead President Trump include Vermont Senator and open democratic socialist Bernie Sanders at 50 to 43%, Massechuetts Senator Elizabeth Warren 48-43%, and California Senator Kamala Harris at 45-44 %.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump gearing up for the 2020 election

Trump needs to win Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania which combined have 54 electoral votes – almost as much as California at 55. Trump won all three of those states in 2016 mainly due to his focus on the American workforce and bringing jobs back to America. How important is Michigan to Trump in 2020? Laura Cox, the Republican Party Chair for the state said it’s a “must-win” and the Republican National Committee will set up a field office to help the campaign reach out to citizens in Michigan better since Trump only won the state by about 10,000 votes.

In Ohio, Trump led by almost 10% and about 400,000 votes in total. Ohio has elected a Republican Governor and most of the population leans centrist right. The most recent polls put Donald Trump at 26% followed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at 16% and 14% respectively. Trump seems to have a strong hold in the Mid-West sates he needs to win.

A 2020 opponent of Donald Trump, John Hickenlooper

However many votes Trump needs to win in the Mid-west, there are a few Democrats warning against the new party platform of Socialism. In the last Democratic Presidential debate, it wasn’t about ideas but rather who can have more virtue. Many in the Democratic front runners support socialist policies, such as nationalized healthcare and expansion of social programs. While the Progressive Democrats are moving in that way, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper warned Democrats about embracing socialism.

“That’s a tough hill to climb in Ohio, in Michigan, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin,” Hickenlooper said. “These are states where they care about jobs and are very cautious about this thing called socialism. They get anxious about that.”

He’s right, many of the industry states voted for Trump because of his ability to connect to working class Americans and capitalized on the Democratic platform of claiming bigotry and racism at every turn. The fresh breath of air was Trump and his no bulls**** take on American politics.

Bernie Sanders had a defense of Democratic Socialism, as he calls it.

“To me, what democratic socialism is about, is saying health care is a human right. If you work 40 hours a week you should earn a living wage. Education is a human right, and by the way, we’re going to have a tax system that is fair … we are going to ask the wealthiest and large corporations to pay their fair share and start paying taxes.”

He even stated he would “take care” of the label Socialism has – not sure how he can rewrite history, but I’m willing to listen if he has a time machine.

Kamal Harris
Kamala Harris during the 2020 Democratic National Debate

Kamala Harris is another Democratic front runner mainly due to her intersectionality boxes she checks. However, she was a former Attorney General of California and a recent scandal accusing her of sleeping to the top. She clearly has an edge over people like Biden because she’s a woman and a black woman at that. She used her position against Biden in a heated exchange about forced busing in Berkeley. She didn’t openly call him a racist, but she came close without crossing the line.

Harris’ campaign is focused around supposedly hot issues today for the Democratic party such as affordable healthcare and right to healthcare as well as immigration reform and decriminalization of illegal border crossings and all the way to “economic justice” as she calls it and the threat of global warming.

The real question here is can the Democratic Party get past itself? The current Republican Party is relatively cohesive. Sure, many people don’t like Trumps rhetoric on twitter and constant assaulting people in an online platform, myself included. But they agree on policies and how to go about implementing them. The Democratic Party doesn’t have that cohesiveness. They have two parties within one: Progressives and Liberals.

Until those two can unite I don’t see Trump losing in 2020.